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From our duet formed a new branch of The Seedling. We were lucky enough to secure a beautiful woodland garden as a scenic setting and have now created and developed the work into a promenade performance for families.


Using a community cast of intergenerational dancers, they take the audience on a journey through the woods, exploring the wonders of nature close up. Watching and helping the seedling after it's departure from it's mother plant, into an unknown land where human impact takes it's toll.


Performed at Little Blakenham Woodland Gardens August 2017.



Jeanette Siddall, Margaret Williamson, Sue Sinclair, Helen Foot, Anna Rowe, Karen Pratt, Frank Walker, Isla-May Hankinson, Aaron Rippingale, Amy Sheppard, Eva Percy, Sophie Stannard and Nikki Betts


This project has just been funded by The Arts Council England and a developed version will be performed in summer 2019 - more info to follow

The Seedling Dance Story - 2017

the seedling 1 the seedling 5 Seedling 42

Photo credit: Mikaela Jade Photography

Seedling 34

Promotional Trailer