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The Seedling Duet  

Working collaboratively with Anna Rowe Dance, we have developed a new project which aims to evoke a unique creative experience of a topical subject through exploration of movement and performance.


The Seedling is a duet that explores the importance, wonder and complexity of nature through an innovative

participatory physical theatre production. How do we help preserve, nurture and cherish the earth?

Exploring issues of sustainability, human impact and our connection to the wild, The Seedling embodies the balance, hardiness and versatility of every seedling growing on our earth.


Performed at Foxburrow Farm, DanceEast University of Suffolk for Gecko Theatre Company, and Gresham's Ipswich.


Dancers: Karen Pratt and Anna Rowe


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Photo credit: Chrissie Moore and Matthew Taylor

(Rehearsal and Performance pictures)

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